We offer you a fully automatic production line.This line has been used in Italy since 2014 and it allows you to produce high-quality yogurt by the concentration of milk, not by the addition of powdered milk and thickeners. Production capacity of the line is between 40.000.000 and 220.000.000 x 125-150 gram yogurt cups per year (the exact output depends on how much you load the line, and if it is worked in one or two daily shifts). This output corresponds to an amount of processed milk of approximately 15 to 90 metric tonnes per day


Схема молочной линии

TO INSTALL THE LINE you need an area 3.000 m2 excluding storage spaces and cold rooms for products.


1. Pasteurization, standardization and homogeneization section: production capacity 13.000 lt/hour;

2. Cream pasteurization equipment: 1.800 lt/hour;

3. Milk concentration section: производительность 5.000 – 8.000 lt/hour

4. Сomputerized production monitoring system (PLС Siemens)

5. Culture tanks’ automatic section

6. Fully automatic filling and packing section“COMAN” automatic aseptic filling machine, with automatic fruit dosing in-line, for purée or fruit pieces, equipment for multiple packaging of yogurt cups to boxes of 8, 16 or 20; with automatic wrapping and automatic labelling; automatic moulding of carton boxes; aseptic stirred yogurt filling line for 90-100 ml bottles; dense products filling line for cups of 500 or buckets of 5, 10 and 20 kg; Clean in Place (CIP) line; Бequipment for ice-water generation; equipment for compressed air generation; equipment for heat generation: 3 steam generation units with total capacity of 1.250.000 кKal; pipelines section.



You will also be able to produce pasteurized/sterilized milk with some additional equipment (ELOPACK filling line produces “bricks” with a shelf life of up to 6 months). Cheese can also be produced with some additional equipment; Cream, sour cream, cottage cheese and Mascarpone without any additional equipment.

At the moment the line is in the North Italy, it’s completely dismantled, packed and ready to be shipped to the client. The pre-sale preparation is also been already made. This is a considerable advantage given it would take at least 16-20 months to build a line like this from scratch.

On request we can provide you with comprehensive and detailed technical documentation and a ROI analysis.


Our company also offers you:

– a business plan for production including analysis of return on investment;

– preparation of preliminary project documentation for the line.